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Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Benedict Castle Concours - Home

Benedict Castle Concours

Benedict Castle Concourse is the “Car Guy’s Car Show” where car enthusiasts come from to display their unique vehicles hosted…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Sully-Miller - Home


Sully-Miller Contracting Co. is a construction company experienced in diverse fields such as seaports, airports, railways, and much more. Sully-Miller…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - EarDrips - Home


EarDrips are accessorized sleeves designed to fit over your Apple AirPods.

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - MyTVChoice - Home


MyTVChoice is an app that lets television viewers choose the content they want to watch, instead of ads, during sporting…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Sully-Miller Group - Home

Sully-Miller Group

Sully-Miller Group consists of the following three companies: Sully-Miller Contracting Co., Blue Diamond Materials, and United Rock Products. This website…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Allways Just Clean - Home

Allways Just Clean

Allways Just Clean is a household countertop business selling polish sprays to kill bacteria and leave you with a clean…

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