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 Here is where I put on display the vast array of projects I have worked on as a web developer.

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Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Rotary Club of Anaheim - Home

Rotary Club of Anaheim

Rotary Club of Anaheim is a club whose mission is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Premier Steel Fabrication - Home

Premier Steel Fabrication

Premier Steel Fabrication is a one-page site to showcase the company’s values, principles, and their dedication to providing top of…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - DTLA Rotary - Home

DTLA Rotary

Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) Rotary is a committee of leaders whose sole mission is to provide service to others, promote…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Fisker, Inc. - Home

Fisker, Inc.

Fisker, Inc. is an electric-automobile manufacturer whose purpose is to create the world’s greenest car. This site was built to…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - CIBA Real Estate - Home

CIBA Real Estate

Commercial Industrial Broker Associates (CIBA) is a real-estate company experienced in developing and managing commercial real estate. Their main goal…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Sully-Miller - Home


Sully-Miller Contracting Co. is a construction company experienced in diverse fields such as seaports, airports, railways, and much more. Sully-Miller…

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