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 Here is where I put on display the vast array of projects I have worked on as a web developer.

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Joseph Bisharat - Projects - TruView Ink - Home

TruView Ink

TruView Ink is a pressroom supplier company. This site was built to display the products and services that they provide…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - F2 Suspension - Home

Function & Form

Function & Form is an automotive company in creating and selling it’s own brand of car products to it’s automotive…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - El Comal - Home

El Comal

A child company of Magnolia Foods, El Comal specializes in making tortillas, sopes, huaraches, and more to bring the passion…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Protect CA - Home

Protect CA

Protect California is a social welfare organization meant to make a better, safer future for California through public education campaigns…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Project Grad LA - Home

Project Grad LA

Project Grad LA is a program with a goal to not just get more kids accepted into college, but to…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Amigos De Nicaragua - Home

Amigos de Nicaragua

Amigos de Nicaragua is a non-profit organization to bring attention to it’s people and awareness of the protests and injustice…

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