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 Here is where I put on display the vast array of projects I have worked on as a web developer.

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Joseph Bisharat - Project - Dodenhoff Hardwood Flooring - Home

Dodenhoff Hardwood Floors

Dodenhoff Hardwood Floors specializes in all things hardwood flooring. From refining and fine staircase building to new installations and repairing…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Fast Pitch Films - Home

Fastpitch Films

Fastpitch Films is an online-streaming website that provides users with sporting content ranging from live game streaming to past gaming…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - SpeedFreaks - Homepage


SpeedFreaks is a radio/podcast/tv show that walks, talks, and breathes racing. They cover motorsport news, interview professional athletes, and occasionally…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Rotary Long Beach - Home

Rotary Long Beach

Rotary Long Beach is a service organization dedicating their time and efforts to the less fortunate. Whether it’s immunizing over…

Joseph Bisharat - Projects - Charly's Garage - Home

Charly’s Garage

Charly’s Garage is a company that loves to customize, repair, and restore cars. A family-owned business that started in the…

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