Command Prompt ( Windows )

rename *.* ??????-original.*


“Here’s a breakdown of that command:

  • rename tells the system to rename the files you’re about to narrow down.
  • *.* means “any file in this folder.” You could adjust this to say IMG*.* to limit it to any files that start with IMG, or *.jpg for any JPEG files. The asterisk acts as a wild card.
  • ?????? tells the command to keep the first six characters of the original file name (because there are six question marks). You can use more or fewer question marks to keep more or less of the original file name.
  • -original appends the word original to the end of every file—perfect if you plan on copying the photos somewhere else for editing but want to note which ones were the original pictures. You can replace this with any text you want.”


“Leaving you with files named IMG_001-original.jpg, and so on.”

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