Joseph Bisharat - Project - Secret Image Slide and Tune


Who: Joseph Bisharat
URL: Secret Image Slide and Tune
Date: 2018 – Present

A WordPress plugin that triggers an image to slide across your browser screen to your desired tune by entering the correct secret code on your keyboard.

You could keep this easter egg a secret and let users find out about this hidden gem on their own, or you could prank someone’s computer by turning their volume all the way up and ask them to enter in the code.

The choice is yours!

Three brief details for each of these sections such as:

  • Statistic: Installed on over 400 WordPress websites
  • Obstacles: Learning the foundation, structure, and security of building a WordPress plugin
  • Fun Fact: It is installed on this website right now. Can you figure out the code to trigger the secret image and tune?
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